Given that catapulting is the universal innate trait of all intermediate go-for-it windsurfers (and many others), and is undesirable, why the need for coaching? Well, the simple fact that not every catapult results in structural damage does suggest that there are good ways to go and bad ways to go. A novice catapulter, seen from a safe distance, will often remind the observer of a Cruise missile impact – impressive, and destructive. Whereas an expert catapulter may resemble something more akin to a WW2 destroyer depth charge detonation – worth watching, but really much less violent.

Tao to reduce the severity of your catapults you have basically just got to stay sheeted in, even if the situation already seems lost. To absolutely guarantee against catapults you must have your feet firmly in their footstraps and keep them there. On bigger boards get into both straps before you build up to warp speed. If you have both feet locked in the footstraps, stay totally sheeted in, and still manage to go round the front – then you have just done a forward loop, which is also quite impressive.