Season ticket, 2015.


For all those who want to enjoy surfing for less money – we are introducing season tickets.

The ticket includes: you can choose absolutely any equipment presented at the station. You can ride without time limitations at the station, and will have access to all station amenities – WiFi, drinks, shower, etc.

The prices of season tickets

Season ticket for 12 months 1100
Ticket for 8 months 800
Ticket for 6 months 700
Ticket for 3 months 500

* Prices include the rental of necessary equipment.

* Family rental (2 persons): +50% to the price

If you want to take only a board or only a sail, the price is 60% of complete set price.


Insurance cost 50 euros

* The insurance can be cancelled by administration in case of strong wind more than 30 knots. We’ll inform you beforehand in that case.

* Insurance covers material damage only.

* You can also buy a ticket for your friend as a gift.

** The prices are in EURO.