E-fin. Electro SUP


Test JayKay E-Fin for Free: Unlock New Possibilities for Your SUP Surfing!
There’s a real boom happening in the world of SUP surfing! Every day brings new challenges, longer tours, and higher standards. If you want to elevate your SUP experience, we invite you to become part of the innovative movement with JayKay E-Fin.

Advantages of JayKay E-Fin:

Extended Range: Our electric fin will allow you to explore more waterways and enjoy surfing over longer distances.

Keep Pace with Friends Easily: Now you can effortlessly keep up with more experienced friends and stay right by their side.

Safe Return to Shore: In case of strong currents and winds, the JayKay E-Fin will help you safely return to the shore.

Free Testing: You can book through our website for free testing of our electric fin on your board (15-30 minutes). Scan the QR code in the photo to sign up.

If we’ve piqued your interest, please contact us, and let’s kick off a successful 2023-24 season together with JayKay! We’d be happy to discuss all the details and answer any questions in a personal phone conversation. +357 96644171