Kiteboarding is a fast – growing new sport combining the thrills of windsurfing, wakeboarding and kite flying. With kites, you can reach speeds several times the speed of wind – even average skills are quite enough to reach up to 70 – 80 km/h. Kites allow both high and long jumps, sailing at various angles to the wind and even sailing to the wind. Kiting does not require physical strength – it is the sense of balance that matters here. If you have done windsurfing, wakeboarding or snowboarding, the first stages in kiteboarding can be easily achieved. The beginners’ course in kiteboarding consists of 8 – 10 hours with an instructor dedicated to flying a piloting kite, flying a regular kite, and bodydrag (i.e. flying the kite while lying on the board). Generally, on completion of the course students master the board. All the equipment required for training is insured, all inclusive. The choice of equipment will depend upon weather conditions. Please bear in mind that kiteboarding involves a significant degree of risk both to the kite and people nearby. Nevertheless, it is much safer than many other sports and is a great adrenalin rush!